Monday, 8 December 2008

BoinxTV is too expensive

Personally I think BoinxTV is too expensive for the market it is aimed at.

One of the key mottos of BoinxTV's manufacturers is 'say goodbye to post production', and in the run up to the launch of the public release of version 1.0 of the live video production software, there seemed to be a lot of emphassis on single camera video podcasters who wanted to create professional looking shows with mimimum of hardware and software requirements and the ultimate no post production time.

Now that BoinxTV has now been officially released, I'm not entirely sure that it has been priced rightly for the single video podcast producer especially when you consider the fact that they are most likely to already possess some video editing software such as Final Cut Express, and then having to shell out another $499 for the full version of BoinxTV seems to me to be a little pricey, especially when you still need a bit of post production to really push your show into the professional arena. Even at $199 the sponsored edition is more expensive that Final Cut Express, a Mac video editing software very popular among the semi-professional podcasters and producers.

I haven't decided if I'll buy the retail version of BoinxTV software for our church video production use yet, as I'm still yet to finalise my mac hardware requirements, and am still also considering the multi-camera connection to a mac scenario if that would be more suitable than using a dedicated video switcher or even opt for the windows xp based tricaster system.

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