Friday, 27 March 2009

BoinxTV Mac Video Production Software

BoinxTV Podcasting Tool

BoinxTV is software collaboration between The Coding Monkeys and Boinx Software and is a Mac based audiovisual mixing tool designed for recording video podcasts, sports events, concerts, interviews, sermons, lectures, speeches, seminars, corporate events especially in the field using just your Mac Computer and supports up to three camera inputs.

BoinxTV sports a simple user interface that allows a single person to operate BoinxTV as complete field production studio with all the required options like lower thirds, keying included.

Because the BoinxTV software can run on a MacBook Pro laptop it is hoped to be very popular among producers who need to work in the field and have a finished product ready at the end of the live event.

In a break from the traditional video production workflow where producers currently have to spend many hours editing their recording for a professional looking result, a time-consuming task, BoinxTV is set to change the game play!

The BoinxTV software will turn your Mac into a live-production studio, reducing the time needed for post production dramatically or even eliminating it completely. It is easy to add multiple camera sources to the switching console, thereby giving extra shooting flexiblility for the producer/director.

BoinxTV was released to the public on 11th November 2007, and a full edition serial licence costs $500 or you can get a sponsored edition for $200 which requires you to include a promotional clip at the beginning or end of your video podcasts or production.

Monday, 23 February 2009

BoinxTV is not Video Editing Software

BoinxTV is a live video recording and production software tool for the Apple Mac OS, and does not have any video editing capabilities.

It is important that you realise that BoinxTV is aimed at allowing a TV show or Video podcast producer the ability to create and record a highly professional looking programme live affordably without the need for additional time spent in post production using just either an Apple Mac computer or MacBook Pro laptop, but BoinxTV can not be used to modify the end product in anyway, you would still need video editing software for that even if it is only iMovie HD the default package that ships with an Apple Mac operating system.

The reason I'm mentioning this is that in the run up to the launch of the release version of BoinxTV, there has been mention of how the BoinxTV software might be a product that could compete against the NewTek Tricaster portable studio production hardware. Well this is one of the major differences between BoinxTV and Tricaster, so if you are only looking for something that allows you to record a professional looking live show without the need to clean up any mistakes you might make, then BoinxTV should fit the bill.

Personally, I think the highest userbase for BoinxTV will come from the Video podcasting arena.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

BoinxTV vs Tricaster

The arrival of BoinxTV is going to bring a revolution to the way video podcasts are recorded especially for sole video content producers but is BoinxTV a real challenger for NewTek's Tricaster suite of products?

This is no BoinxTV Vs Tricaster shootout, just a few thoughts of mine giving a comparison between the two video production tools, and who might go for what.

Some similarities between BoinxTV and Tricaster basic edition.

Both products seem to be aimed at those who need small portable field video production facilities that can be operated by a single operator. They are computer based soutions, BoinxTV being apple mac based, while Tricaster uses the PC and Microsoft's Windows XP operating system. Each video production system supports a maximum of 3 video sources, can add various studio effects to the mixer video output, can record to the hard drive and also output the Program to an external video connection, in the case of BoinxTV via the secondary monitor output.

There are however a lot of differences between BoinxTV which will have an effect on which product is chosen by various users.

1. Tricaster is a dedicated computer solution, and the computer can not be used for anything else, while BoinxTV is just another application, so the computer can be used for other things. Considering the cost, podcasters or small video producers are more likely to favour the BoinxTV over Tricaster for simple live recording.

2. There is always the Microsoft vs Apple dicotomy which will mean the various follwers might want to continue following their prefered operating system.

3. You might need extra hardware to connect your cameras to BoinxTV, while Tricaster already has all the interfaces to support composite and S Video camera connections, but doesn't support DV connections. BoinxTV can support DV cameras out of the Box (the number will depend on the firewire connections on the Mac being used.

4. Tricaser supports the traditional broadcast TV 'T Bar' switcher console, something that will be very useful while recording music concerts where fast cutting between cameras is required.

I personally would go tricaster, as my own experience of this Mac Video production software hasn't been very positive.