Monday, 27 October 2008

Adding Camera Sources to BoinxTV

BoinxTV can support upto 3 live video camera sources, but by default the software will only have the Apple Mac built in iSight camera available after installation. To be able to use additional or different cameras as video sources, you will need to add them to the software's devices list.

Here are the steps you need to follow to add up to 3 camera sources to BoinxTV.

Connect the camera devices to the Apple Mac computer using the desired interface (firewire or USB), and make sure they are switched on.

Launch BoinxTV software and select your desired template or open a saved one.
From the menu, select source, Add Camera source.

BoinxTV source menu

You should now see the sources list appear with a new camera listed and to the right of that the settings for the source.

sources list

You now need to tell BoinxTV which devices this source will use, and you do that by clicking on the video device drop down menu in the preview and settings window.
Select from the available cameras the one you want this source to use. You can also select an audio device for this source or leave the default none if no audio is required.

drop down menu

The sources list will now be updated to show the new camera.

BoinxTV updated sources list

Follow this procedure for the rest of the sources and devices you want to configure BoinxTV to use.

Note: You can add as many sources as you want, but BoinxTV can currently only use 3 sources in a live production recording.

The big question still seems to be can we use 3 DV camera or camcorders on a Mac via firewire and might be the killer in the BoinxTV vs Tricaster debate for the small live studio producer.

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