Friday, 10 October 2008

BoinxTV What can it do?

Video Podcast Demo

BoinxTV is set to be very popular with video podcasters who want to produce a professional looking show without having to learn how to edit videos using a software package such as Final Cut and more importantly have to spend hours in post production, the only other thing you need in addition to this video production software is an Apple Mac computer or laptop.

The beauty of this BoinxTV software is that the podcaster can add all the professional effects to the video on the fly while actually recording the show all without any the help a show producer or editor.

To have an idea of the capabilities of BoinxTV as a tool for video podcasting, have a look at Digital Upgrade Show 36. The video podcast is in german, but watch the presenter on the left with the wireless mouse as he cues up lower third titles, videos to give the show a slick professional feel at the touch of a button.

BoinxTV is surely a serious professional tool for the video podcaster with an Apple Mac who wants to reduce or eliminate video post production time.

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